darkwaltz25 said: I just wanted to let you know that I love this blog SO MUCH! I just watched The End for the first time last night! I was just wondering do you still use this blog? I'm just wondering since you haven't posted in forever :)

No, I don’t really post on this anymore, but I’m not deleting because there’s some damn good stuff on here :)

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Inspired by those “dermatologists HATE her!” advertisements

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swiggitymotherfuckingswag said: this blog restores my faith in humanity. also, where do you find those animated gifs?

As for the gifs, I just stumble upon them while browsing tumblr. :)

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Anonymous said: Sayid - best character y/y?

One of the best for sure!

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(submitted by nafflar)

(submitted by nafflar)

Anonymous said: Who was the worst Character on lost? It was Kate, right?


I loved Kate. Zoe was the worst for me haha.

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Anonymous said: Hey, my name is Marisol, I'm from Chile and I really had a greaaaat time watching your tumblr! So many memories :') Thanks a lot!!!

Hey Marisol, glad you like the blog! :)

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chipskylarkkk said: Sometimes when I feel bad for Locke for being forever alone at the end, I like to imagine him and Boone are gay and in love with each other


monotonespookyguy said: OMG WHAT EVEN IS THIS BLOG I'M CRYING OMG